Book of Destiny Report - Instructions

Welcome to your personal report from the Book of Destiny! Inside you will find detailed information about one year of your life. If you read carefully, you can extract even more information from this valuable report.

The information found within comes from a very ancient and highly revered mystical science that originated before the days of early Egypt. Its exact origins are unknown but its accuracy speaks for itself. The information it will give you will be timely and practical, pertaining to the events and experiences you are currently going through.

Understanding the Structure of a Yearly Report

The information about your life in the Book of Destiny is in the form of playing cards arranged in a particular formation. The positions of these cards is not random in any way. Each card is derived from mystical calculations taken from your birthday and your current age. It is these cards and their meanings, that relay the information about each year of your life. Here is how these cards are divided and presented in the context of this Yearly Report.

First of all, this report will have one or more Main Sections, each referring to the cards found under one of your personal significators. Our personal significators are cards that represent us in some way. These include the Birth Card, Planetary Ruling Card, Personality Cards and Karma Cards. All of these cards can be used to signify us and each plays a certain role. However, not all of them are required to make a complete Yearly Report. Therefore, this report may contain one or as many as five main sections, each under the heading of one of these personal significators, depending upon who ran this report for you and which personal significators they believed would be the most helpful for you to know about. Most Yearly Reports include the cards for two personal significators, the Birth Card and one other. Karma Cards are rarely used.

Each of the Main Sections of a Yearly Report is divided into two distinct groups of cards and each of these Card Group Sections will have a Title Page to let you know what will follow. The first Card Group Section are what we call the Year-Long Influence Cards. These five cards, the Long Range, Pluto, Result, Environment and Displacement Cards, cast their influence on an entire year of our life. For this reason, their influence is more powerful than the other cards in a Yearly Report.

NOTE: Some of the Birth and Planetary Ruling Cards do not have Environment and Displacement Cards. These are the Ace of Clubs, 2 of Hearts, 9 of Hearts, Jack of Hearts, 8 of Clubs, 7 of Diamonds and King of Spades. If one of your personal significators is one of these cards, there will not be a page about the Environment and Displacement Cards in that Main Section.

The second Card Group Section in each Main Section are the Planetary Period Cards. There will usually be two cards found in each of seven Planetary Periods that divide the year into 52-day segments and the Title Page for this section will show them all to you and list the dates that correspond to the beginning of each period. Your birthday marks the beginning of the first period, called the Mercury Period. 52 days later the next period begins (Venus) and so forth until your next birthday marks the ending of one year and the beginning of the next. The cards found in each period have a strong influence over the events and experiences of that time segment. They also cast a subtle influence on the entire year and when this is the case, it will be mentioned in the interpretations for that particular card.

That is basically all there is to a Yearly Report except that there is a special section that is found in the beginning called the Report on Auspicious Positions Page. This page will tell you about influences that are present due to the position of your Birth Card and Planetary Ruling Card in this year's Grand Solar Spread. The Grand Solar Spread is sort of a master spread from which the cards in your Yearly Report were taken. You may or may not have one of these pages because there are some years that your cards may not fall into any of the nine various auspicious positions that this report looks for.

More About Your Personal Significators

Your birthday associates you with one of the 52 playing cards. That card, called the Birth or Destiny Card, tells us much about your personality, character, and potential in the various areas of life. Every Birth Card has a highest expression as well as challenges that must be dealt with during the course of a lifetime. Inside, you will find a detailed description of your Birth Card on the page entitled "About Your Birth and Destiny Card". This is the first place to begin in your study. The meaning of your Birth Card will not change over the course of your life. Each of us is constantly refining the characteristics of our Birth Card, striving to reach the highest potential it offers us while working with some of the karmic challenges that are also associated with it.

Even though it is the most important, our Birth Card is not the only card that is a personal significator for us. There are other cards that offer further clues about our character traits and personality. The most important is our Planetary Ruling Card. The Planetary Ruling Card is derived from our sun sign and explains much about our behavior in a similar fashion as the Birth Card. It is often compared with our Rising Sign in astrology. It acts as a personality filter that influences our behavior in a certain way and it is an important card to learn more about.

We also have one or more Personality Cards that are essentially masks that we wear from time to time when we are engaged in certain activities or occupations. These are always the Jack, Queen and King of our Birth Card's suit. For example, if a woman is romantically involved, she is usually playing the role of her Queen. If her Birth Card is a 5 of Clubs, for example, she would be acting as the Queen of Clubs when she was in love. Men in love act as the Jack of their suit. When your Yearly Report has a Main Section for one of these Personality Cards, just exactly how they fit into the overall picture will be explained in the report. Just keep in mind that these Personality Card influences are only in effect for whatever period of time we make their activities important in our lives. This is very different from the Birth Card or Planetary Ruling Card which are in effect all of the time.

Our Karma Cards offer additional mirrors of our personality, often revealing hidden traits. Most of us have two Karma Cards but some have as many as six. If this report has a Main Section in this report for one of your Karma Cards, it will likely reveal events and experiences that are very personal in nature and perhaps not so significant in an external or mundane fashion.

How to do Relationship readings for this Year

Though not apparent on the surface, this report does allow you to look up people you know and discover how they will be influencing you in the year that this report is created for. This section gives you all the tools you need to do this on your own, it is not presented directly by the report, but the information is available if you have the time to read this and follow the necessary steps.





STEP ONE - Make a list of the Birth Cards of people you want to know about. On the following page is a Birth Card Chart that gives the Birth Cards for each birthday of the year. In the table in the next column, list up to ten of the most important people in your life. Write down their names and birthdays and then look up their Birth Card and write that in as well.

STEP TWO - Determine their Personality Cards. Personality Cards are used frequently in relationship comparisons because they have proven to be accurate and important in this area. For purposes of this report, just list the Jack for men and the Queen for women, always of the same suit as their Birth Card, and write them down next to their Birth Card. For example, if some man you know has a Birth Card of a 7 of Diamonds, you would write the Jack of Diamonds down under "Cards" beside his Birth Card.

STEP THREE - If you have the book, Love Cards by Robert Camp, look up and write down the Planetary Ruling Cards and Karma Cards of each person. These additional personal significators will give you more cards to look for. They are not completely necessary, but if you have them, it will simply add more to your search.

STEP FOUR - Look through your Yearly Report for the occurrences of their cards and then compare their locations with the Relationships LookUp Table to determine what it means. Take their Birth Card first and look through your Report to see if it is mentioned anywhere. If you find it, make a note of what position it is in (Long Range, Mercury Period, Pluto, etc.) The Relationships LookUp Table on the page after next will tell you what it means when it is found in any particular position. Once you have looked for their Birth Card, you can search for their other cards in the same manner.

The position of each card will relate a specific influence they will have on you over the course of the year. When one of their personal significators shows up in a specific Planetary Period, you can bet that they will play a significant role in your life at that time. Read the meaning of the other cards found in that period to determine just what that role might be. For example, suppose someone you know is a 3 of Hearts female and you happen to have a Queen of Hearts in your Mars Period along with a 5 of Diamonds. This Queen of Hearts is one of your 3 of Hearts friend's personal significators and thus is does represent her playing some role at that time. Because it is in Mars, you know that it could be a competitive or passionate role. The 5 of Diamonds suggests a change in finances related to a legal matter or a business trip. Putting these tips together you may predict a disagreement with your 3 of Hearts friend about some money matter, perhaps a legal matter, OR that the two of you go on a business trip in a somewhat restless manner.

Using this technique, you can add a lot more dimension to you personal Yearly Report. In fact, most of the cards in our Yearly Reports have dual meanings and many stories to tell us. The interpretations given for each of the cards tell the major story, but with the proper tools, you can derive much more information about other aspects of your life.

Birthcard Lookup Chart

Relationship Interpertation LookUp Table


Keywords - Description

Mercury Period

Good communications, love to talk, share ideas. Helpful for all relationships.

Venus Period

Love, either close friendship or intimate, good for marriage or any relationship.

Mars Period

Aggression and Competition/Anger or Passion and Lust. A good marriage connection if you are a woman.Malking love and/or fighting all year.

Jupiter Period

Spiritual and financial or material blessings. Very good influence for marriage or business partners.

Saturn Period

Restrictions, burdens,, challenges, learning lessons, karmic relationships. This person may teach you if you accept them with the right attitude. Otherwise, it is difficult or problemsome.

Uranus Period

A spiritual relationship that needs freedom. Can make you feel uncertain. Friendship without the usual attachments. Do not try to control them this year. They come and go unexpectedly.

Neptune Period

You project your fantasies onto them. Illusion, self-deception or secret deceptions are likely. They can be spiritual or mystical to you. Dream come true or nightmare?

Pluto Card

They personify your challenges for this year. They may represent what you want to be yourself. Challenging and transforming to you. Combine with Result Card for complete story.

Result Card

Same as Pluto but you are likely to end up with them by your next birthday, as a blessing in your life. Part of what transforms you this year but a blessing as the year ends.

Environment Card

Someone who is a protective and helpful influence to you throughout this year. A blessing.


This is an important one. Since you are literally sitting on their card this year, you are experiencing life from their point of view. You will also have to give to them this year, whatever seems appropriate.

Special Tips for Gaining a Better Understanding of Your Yearly Report

1. To know more about your personal relationships in a year-long manner, look at the cards in your Venus Period and look at all the Heart cards found everywhere in your spreads. These are the most important relationship indicators.

2. To find out more about your work for the year in a general way, look at the Mars and Uranus Period cards and the Spade cards found anywhere in your reading. If you are involved in any of the communications fields, look for Clubs cards to indicate your success or failure in those areas. Entertainers, artists and those that work primarily with people should look at the Heart cards and the cards found in Venus. Salespeople and merchants would look for Diamonds and the Jupiter cards.

3. To know more about your health, look at the Saturn Period cards and Spade cards in particular.

4. To find out how your finances will be this year, look at all the Diamond cards and the cards under the Jupiter Period.

5. Our Jupiter Period cards each year signify what or who will be the greatest blessings and in which direction we can achieve the greatest financial blessings. To insure your financial success, follow the path laid out by your Jupiter cards, especially the Jupiter cards found in your Birth Card and Planetary Ruling Card sections.

6. Always seek to combine the meaning of the two cards found in the Planetary Periods to get the complete meaning. The whole story for any particular period is a combination of both cards acting together. Sometimes the Neptune period has only one card. When this is the case, this one card is the only influence present.

7. Try to keep the various sections of the report in perspective. Sections based upon Personality Cards will only apply to those aspects of your life governed by those cards.

8. When two cards in one period seem to contradict each other, remember that the more positive card will win out over the negative card in any given Planetary Period. Though the negative card could indicate a problem of some sort, the other card will indicate a resolution of that problem later in the period.

9. To learn more about this amazing system and how to do readings for yourself and others, purchase a copy of Destiny Cards by Robert Camp, available where you got this report. His other book, Love Cards, is also highly recommended, and also available where you purchased this report.