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Welcome to your personal report from the Book of Destiny! Inside you will find detailed information about one year of your life. If you read carefully, you can extract even more information from this valuable report.

The information found within comes from a very ancient and highly revered mystical science that originated before the days of early Egypt. Its exact origins are unknown but its accuracy speaks for itself. The information it will give you will be timely and practical, pertaining to the events and experiences you are currently going through.

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Auspicious Events

Auspicious Events Occurring for You This Year

The Cards that influence your entire year.

The cards in this part of the report are from your Birth Card's yearly spread. These are the most important influences of the year so pay close attention to them. There will usually be a second part using cards from another of your personal significators. But the Birth Card part is the most significant.

Your Long Range Card


Your Long Range Card is perhaps the most important card of the year. It defines something or someone that will be a major focus of your attention. It is neither positive or negative, just a place where a lot of your time, energy or attention will be spent throughout the year.

Your Pluto Card


Your Pluto Card is also a very important card in the Yearly Spread. It signifies something or someone that will cause a significant change in some part of your life. It may define an area where you experience a 'mini-death' in your life, a place where you release a negative pattern to make room for a more positive way of life.

Your Result Card


Your Result Card combines with the Pluto Card to help define your big change and challenge of the year. But in addition, the Result Card will be someone or something that you will end up with by your next birthday that is a blessing in your life. It is like the gift that you will receive for all the hard work you did this year to transform yourself.

Your Environment Card


Your Environment Card represents someone or something that will act in a beneficial manner for you throughout the year. It is an area where things will come easily to you, something or someone to be grateful for. It is always a good thing regardless of what card it is. You will collect good things from this card all year long.

Your Displacement Card


Your Displacement Card usually indicates an area where you will have to pay closer attention in order to have success for this year. It can be a person or thing that requires you to give them extra energy in order for that thing or person to be a benefit in your life. It can also signify 'special' occurrences that only come in certain years of life.